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    2d Marine Raider Battalion is an ArmA 3 realism unit that was founded in April of 2019. Our unit has strived to create dynamic deployments that immerse our members in a special operations environment. We specialize in small unit operations conducting Direct Action, Counter-insurgency, Special Reconnaissance, and Unconventional Warfare missions. In order to conduct our operations effectively, we require our members to meet operational standards and uphold a level of professionalism befitting of a Critical Skills Operator.
    Be a part of a unique Milsim unit almost 2 years in the making pushing for a non-drama environment, realistic gameplay, and a veteran friendly atmosphere.
    • Assignments:
      • 2d Marine Raider Battalion
      • 160th SOAR (Aviation)
    • Administrative:
      • Be a part of the units logistics and functionality by joining up with one of the many Staff Shops!


    All new members are required to partake in the Marine Raider Training Company or ITC. Here you will learn the expectations of the unit as well as be given a taste of how our gameplay is conducted. The 2d MRB understands you have a life, children, a job, or all 3. We are a group of adults looking to simply play ArmA 3 the way it was intended to be played and ask that carry yourself in a professional and friendly manner pending your enlistment. Basic requirements for enlistment are as follows:

    • Must be 16+
    • Must have a working mic
    • Willing to attend an Introductory training
    • Have a legal copy of ArmA 3


    Members are available in Discord 24/7, 365 days a year; please feel free to drop by, even if to look around and get to know us. Our recruiters are very responsive and will tend to all your questions prior to you making any commitments. In addition, we also have the following incentives.
    • Award system consisting of Ribbons, Medals, and otherwise.
    • Coordinated promotability; test yourself on the range for the opportunity to earn your marksmen titles, or, simply wait your time in grade and expand your possibilities with the multiple opportunities for growth that we offer.
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  • Current Donation Goals

    • Raised $180 of $180 target
  • Soldiers On Base

    No personnel on base
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